About Us


Start Pure® is a passionate SoCal family of leading professionals who aim to improve quality of life by creating quality products. Our suite of oral care products are safe to use and provide amazing results without the bad effects of chemicals.


We believe everyone deserves the most extraordinary things in life, whether it is the smile they’ve always dreamed of or the oral hygiene they try to upkeep for their kids. We believe our brand is more than just a handful of products, but rather a community of dreamers building the finest inventions, providing remarkable service, and giving back to the community that inspires us. We built this dream brand on a vision to better the world and provide social goodness.


Our goal is to provide the most effective, practical, and convenient family essentials. we are committed to providing the best possible products, which simplify your life and make you and your family’s daily routines as convenient as humanly possible. We want to make your life more efficient so you can enjoy it to the fullest!


Two sisters – a dentist and a doctor – teamed up to create this line of innovative products. As moms, the founders care about every ingredient in the Start Pure® products they give to their families.


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